Confessions: Not Always What They Seem

Many proponents of SBS theory base their claims on the evidence of confessions. While this may seem reasonable, (after all, who would confess to something as terrible as child abuse if they were innocent?) the reality of what these “confessions” often entail is unsettling. Jesus Flores was 19 when his son Mason went limp and stopped breathing. Doctors found bleeding on the 2 month old’s brain, and settled on shaken baby – ignoring the fact that Mason had a difficult birth and vitamin deficiency.

In the interrogation video, a devastated Jesus demonstrates safely rocking his baby in his arms the way any parent does to soothe or burp a newborn. Proponents of SBS theory agree such gentle methods are not enough to produce the violent forces they believe necessary to create brain bleeding – yet much of the research on SBS relies on confessions to bolster their claims. Hardly a scientific method. Today, despite being acquitted after two years behind bars, Jesus’s parental rights have been terminated. His now two year old son is being adopted and not allowed to return to his own mother. Read more of Jesus’s story here, and view his confession video for yourself here.