Burns Financial Needs

Many have asked about the financial needs of the Burns family.  We want to provide you with an update.

  1. There are many faithful donors contributing monthly to Brenda and Naomi’s daily living and health care expenses while Josh is absent. This has also helped fund Josh’s commissary account and the high priced phone calls that he has had to place from the jail. Their needs have been adequately met and they feel very blessed to have such faithful friends.
  2. It is uncertain as to when Josh will receive income again. His employer has placed him on personal leave. The details of his potential reemployment have not been finalized, but we are hopeful for a return to full employment soon.  We will provide updates when this takes place.
  3. For the next couple of months Josh and Brenda will have some increased living expenses. Josh will be living separately and will have his own monthly expenses.
  4. Josh and Brenda have been separated for over a year – so naturally they will be scheduling some dates nights and a couple weekends away. Neither Brenda nor Josh have asked for additional support, but we want to let supporters know of their particular needs and that gifts would be graciously accepted.
  5. Any gifts sent to Torn Family Trust are used for legal expenses. If you wish to contribute directly to the Burns family for the above mentioned needs, please send your gifts to:

Brenda Burns
PO Box 191
Hartland MI 48353