Positive Turn of Events

Today’s hearing yielded an unexpected but positive result. This hearing was to determine how the family reunification plan is progressing. A request was put forth for Josh to have parenting time with Naomi on Christmas Day.

Dody Viola (the family’s social worker) noted that it would be beneficial if she could facilitate Josh and Naomi’s first contact parenting time. However, she will be on vacation when Josh is released and will not return until after Christmas. She stated she could do these first sessions on the 8th and 9th of December prior to her vacation if the court would consider releasing Josh for a couple of hours on those days. The court opted to make things simpler and ordered that Josh be released permanently on December 8th by 9am. This order releases him four days earlier than scheduled and allows him to participate in this very important parenting time.

The court also gave authority to the Department of Human Services (DHS) to designate appropriate friends or family to supervise parenting time. This opens the door for the Burns family to be together on Christmas’s Day, pending DHS approval.

The Burns family is blessed by this development and looks forward to their first Christmas together as a family.