A Great Day!

Today, after 546 days of unjust separation from his daughter, Josh was allowed to see Naomi at the Livingston County Jail through a glass window with a telephone receiver.

There were tears of joy as Josh was able to see her in person for the first time since April 3, 2014. Naomi smiled and waved at him recognizing him as “Dada.” She ate Cheerios and offered them to her daddy through the glass window. Naomi then poured them all over the floor giving everyone a good laugh. Brenda read some of Naomi’s favorite books as Josh listened through the receiver.

Although this setting was not ideal, Josh and Brenda are so grateful that they could spend time together as a family. This visit took place as part of the family reunification plan and will continue weekly for now. Josh has 72 days left of his sentence and is scheduled to be released December 12th.