The U of M Board Meeting

On September 17th Torn Family Trustees, Brenda Burns, and two other individuals whose families were impacted by the misdiagnosis of child abuse by a child abuse pediatrician had the privilege of speaking at a University of Michigan Board of Regents meeting. It was a powerful event that underscored the human cost of the erroneous diagnosis of child abuse. Often, it is children involved in these cases who suffer the most.

Speakers challenged the University of Michigan to examine the new science behind Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma that reveals major flaws in the way it has traditionally been diagnosed. They asked the U of M to provide more education for pediatricians that diagnose SBS, requesting that a symposium addressing both sides of the SBS/AHT controversy be offered to the medical and legal communities.

The message was clear, concise, and presented with eloquence and professionalism. The community is increasingly afraid and distrustful of medical institutions with Child Protection Teams on staff.

Prior to the meeting, approximately 30 supporters held a peaceful protest outside the Michigan Union Building. These supporters held signs and handed out informational pamphlets to the public. Supporters also held up signs during the Board of Regents meeting.

Torn Family Trust was grateful for the opportunity to educate the board and the public on the misdiagnosis of child abuse in the metro Detroit area including at the University of Michigan. Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful event. We are truly grateful for your ongoing support.