Review of Love to Give by Denise Johnson

Denise Johnson’s book, Love to Give, was hard to put down at times. I was surprised by how engaged I became in her story. Our stories are so different but the pain is similar. Reading about the struggle Denise and her husband endured brought me comfort in a strange way. It forced me to look again at the sovereignty of God and ask myself the question, “Is God loving and good even in the most painful times?” Denise writes from a very personal place. Her story is one of loss and heartache but also of faith and joy. The story sticks with you and I found myself thinking about this family frequently. I highly recommend Ms. Johnson’s book. – Brenda Burns

51+Q2fz5SqL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The book, Love to Give is a very intimate revelation of the journey into parenthood. The journey isn’t always easy or simple. For some, there are unexpected trials and sacrifices even before a child becomes part of the family. Denise Johnson tells the story of how she and her husband became parents. The path was strewn with many obstacles and heartaches and she shares this in a very personal way. I’m certain that many who read this book will closely identify with some, if not all, of the obstacles, heartaches, and purely joyous moments she describes even if the empathy is relative to a different focus other than parenting. The name of the book describes the gift of love that can only be shared with a child. Denise recounts how she and her husband, Ron, were finally able to share their love with a child and how God blessed them and provided through the process. I recommend this book to anyone but especially to those who want to be encouraged to hope. – Tami Hall


You can purchase the book at Denise Johnson’s website: Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to Torn Family Trust.