Josh’s Parental Rights Decision

Judge Miriam Cavanaugh rendered her decision today regarding Josh’s parental rights. She recognized that Josh has been more compliant and involved in trying to regain a relationship with Naomi than many fathers who have been in her courtroom. She acknowledged that Naomi is doing well and decided it is in Naomi’s best interest to be reunited with her father. This means Josh’s parental rights will NOT be terminated. He will, however, be required to participate in a reunification plan devised by DHS with input from Josh and Brenda’s attorneys. The plan will be presented to the court for approval at a hearing on September 8th. The reunification plan will involve various types of counseling and other requirements that Brenda and Josh must comply with before full reunification occurs. It is unclear if josh will be allowed visitation with Naomi while in jail.

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The Michigan Innocence Clinic out of U of M Law will be moving forward with Josh’s criminal appeal once the local court files the criminal trial transcripts. The court has missed multiple deadlines for filing the transcripts.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. Please share the Burns story as they fight to seek justice and put their family back together.