Burns Support Day

Show of Support Day: Thursday, March 19th

Josh will be sentenced on Thursday of this week (March 19) by Judge Miriam Cavanaugh at the courthouse in Howell, MI. We have several activities planned for the day as we say farewell to Josh and look expectantly toward the future as his appeals process begins. Though Josh will leave us for a time, we will continue to fight for truth and justice for his family. He is committed to continuing his fight for exoneration and the reunification of his family for as long as it takes and we are committed to continuing in that fight with him.

Support Luncheon

Please join us for lunch as we say goodbye to Josh, for a time, and look toward the future as the appeals process begins. There will be a pizza and salad lunch, a time of fellowship and announcements regarding the rest of the day’s activities. Here is a brief rundown of those activates:

11:00: Meet at Centerpointe Church in Downtown Howell (click here for map pdf).
11:30: Lite Lunch:
11:45: Speakers Tim Stevens and Josh Burns
12:30: Leave to Courthouse. (click here for map pdf)
1:00: Sentencing

Please note that we don’t exactly know when Josh’s case will start. It is possible that many of us will not be able to fit inside the courtroom. We do intend to have a contingency outside in the front of the courthouse to show support for Josh. We may pass out some business cards noting the website TornFamily.com We will have a banner that will note that we are associated with this website. Having people assembled peacefully out front is a great way to show our support for Josh, and our disappointment in the lack of justice practiced by this county.

Please RSVP so we can ensure there is enough food: in**@to********.com

**Please note that Centerpointe Church is in no way affiliated with the Josh Burns defense, the Burns family or TornFamily.com and are in no way endorsing or funding the event at the church.**

Please remember if you intend to go inside the courthouse you must leave all pocket knives, nail clippers, scissors, files and cell phones in your vehicle.

For more information or to RSVP please email us at in**@to********.com