Sentencing Hearing: March 19

Josh’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 at the district court in Howell, MI. At this hearing the judge will determine how long Josh will be imprisoned. The period of incarceration could range anywhere from 1-10 years. Josh may serve his sentence in the Livingston County Jail or he could be transported to a prison many hours away from his family and friends.

Josh’s friends, family and supporters will be gathering on the 19th to support Josh as he goes before the judge and begins his incarceration. We will say goodbye to Josh and support Brenda as this family is torn further apart. This will be an emotional day as we witness a wider wedge being driven between Josh and his family by the court system.

A goodbye luncheon will be held prior to the hearing. If you are interested in supporting the Burns family by attending this luncheon and the sentencing hearing please e-mail: in**@to********.com. All friends, family and supporters are welcome. Look for further details as sentencing day approaches.