Today’s Dispositional Reunification Review Results

The Burns family had a review hearing on the status of their court ordered family reunification plan.  Josh was granted permission to officially move back into the family home.  We anticipate closure of the DHS case in a month.

The Michigan Innocence Clinic continues to represent Josh in the appeal of his criminal conviction.  This is a lengthy process and we do not anticipate further court proceedings for some time.  We will provide updates as information becomes available.

The Burns family is grateful for your ongoing support.




2 thoughts to “Today’s Dispositional Reunification Review Results”

  1. I am glad that your family appears about to be reunified and that also the Michigan Child Protective Services (CPS) will soon be out of your lives. I further pray that Joshua eventually has his criminal conviction overturned or, failing that, is pardoned. Right after hearing of his conviction I wrote to the prosecutor expressing my own considerable doubts about the case. While not a medical expert, a number of my relatives were very much involved in the intelligence / counter-intelligence business and it is extremely difficult for one to beat a polygraph given by a competent operator. While the test won’t work for some (e.g., because of anxiety) or in the case of truly pathological liars, for over 90% of us, it very clearly indicates when someone is being truthful or evasive. I believe the prosecutor declined to pursue the termination of Joshua’s parental rights himself because of his own self-doubts after the trial and also because of the CPS’s outrageous, vindictive, and most sadistic treatment of Brenda.

    More likely than not, Joshua’s drop of Naomi aggravated injuries that occurred at birth. I imagine Brenda’s career as a registered nurse is over just as Joshua’s is as an airline pilot because Brenda failed to “prove herself innocent” beyond any doubt. This, of course, doesn’t involve the “high” and “mighty” being vindictive because the serfs didn’t smile at their family’s immolation by the state. God Bless.

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