Christmas Greetings from the Burns Family

Today Josh was allowed a precious family visit in Brenda and Naomi’s home – their first Christmas together as a family. They enjoyed opening gifts and sharing a meal together.

Josh and Brenda would like to express their heartfelt thankfulness for the overwhelming support they have received from so many of you this past year. The Burns family wishes you God’s grace and peace this Christmas season.


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2 thoughts to “Christmas Greetings from the Burns Family”

  1. We’re not dealing with the accusations of physical abuse against our kids as you are, but our family is contending with the abuses of CPS right now. We too, are battling false accusations, and we’re trying desparately to keep what has happened to you from happening to us. The best to your family, and may you all prevail. As it is in my home, you all still have each other, and that is a powerful message to those of us looking for hope.

    Sincere wishes.

  2. That is a lovely picture! I remember my boys (now 21 & 26!) having that book … along with “Goodnight Moon”, “Wild Things”, etc etc. All the best. :D

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