Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit on the Burns’s Story, Part 3

Friend says visit by Child Protective Services to mom cleared of child abuse was ‘pure harassment’

WXYZ investigative reporter Heather Catallo reports on CPS jurisdiction claims.

Link here if video not loading.

3 thoughts to “Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit on the Burns’s Story, Part 3”

  1. The state will take there child because they will make money.they will charge them child support and then make money when they adopt her out.I know they took my kids and lied then at the end when we were gonna get them back they changed kid attorneys and prosecuting attorney we tried to get an appeal and was denied.the whole system is messed up they do what they want

  2. I support the family as they go through this crisis. They are not alone. I heard their story on Christian radio broadcast WMUZ and believe in their innocence. I believe that CPS/DHS are abusing their power because this family is fighting back against the system and they want to make an example of them. Well, I do believe that when it’s all over and done with, this case WILL certainly set a precedent for future families. God will give them the strength to endure as He uses them for his glory. I commend them for their faith and trust. We live by faith and not by site. Don’t give up! Sadly we live under a legal system that is vastly controlled by greed and preconceived notions to defend their actions despite the evidence. The evidence that the jury wasn’t allowed to see that may have brought about a different determination… Thoughts and prayers are with you, Josh and Brenda <3

  3. This is crazy and the harassment of innocent parents has to stop!!! Cps has gotten out of control and their needs to be oversight by the public. Cases like this are popping up all over the country and something has to be done immediately. Just think of all of the cases that have ripped families apart. Is that what we want in our society, children that cant grow up with their parents because of fraud and legal power struggles? I sure hope some legal action is taken against cps and all the cases where children are taken from their parents are reviewed by an independent board. Best to the mother and child, I hope cps leaves them alone. The kidnapping of children has to stop!!

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