Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit on the Burns’s Story, Part 2

Cleared of harming her daughter, mom is in hiding and on state’s secret list of child abusers

WXYZ investigative reporter Heather Catallo reports on CPS jurisdiction claims.

(Link here if video not loading)

2 thoughts to “Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit on the Burns’s Story, Part 2”

  1. My son was born with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. As a result of his large head, we had to have an emergency C-section. At 6 weeks of age when he stopped breathing and we were transferred to Toledo Children’s Hospital, they discovered a subdural hematoma. The Neurosurgeon indicated he could tell it was “old”…YET, Toledo Children’s attempted to accuse me of abuse and threatened to call CPS.

  2. If the pictures and video of Naomi are an accurate indication of her health, and are dated after the alleged abuse, there apparently was no harm done. Have you thought of posting more video of her that verifies her excellent health and safety? If the judge and CPS can see the evidence that the baby is well, would they drop the investigation?

    Praying for your family. You are not the only one to receive this kind of treatment. Please call me. Thanks for doing the web-site. it is excellent.

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