Sentencing Hearing: March 19

Josh’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 at the district court in Howell, MI. At this hearing the judge will determine how long Josh will be imprisoned. The period of incarceration could range anywhere from 1-10 years. Josh may serve his sentence in the Livingston County Jail or he could be transported to a prison many hours away from his family and friends.

Josh’s friends, family and supporters will be gathering on the 19th to support Josh as he goes before the judge and begins his incarceration. We will say goodbye to Josh and support Brenda as this family is torn further apart. This will be an emotional day as we witness a wider wedge being driven between Josh and his family by the court system.

A goodbye luncheon will be held prior to the hearing. If you are interested in supporting the Burns family by attending this luncheon and the sentencing hearing please e-mail: All friends, family and supporters are welcome. Look for further details as sentencing day approaches.

20 thoughts to “Sentencing Hearing: March 19”

  1. God works miracles in people and situations. Continue to trust Him and let His name be praised. I cannot believe the heartache the CPS and others have caused. Praying for the entire Burns family.

  2. Our son and family go to the Burns family church. We have been praying since pretty much the beginning of this case. Our Church family is also praying. I never expected it to go this far. I have to say when I met the Burns at church I would have never known all they were going through. They have a sweet spirit about them that can only come from their love for Jesus. Please pray for Gods will withhis children .

  3. I do not know this family but I do know about Livingston Co child protective services….back in 2011 my them 7 yr got burnt by my husband cigarette …..we were at a park and it was windy and our daughter has balance problems and was running to her daddy to show him something and he was minding the grill and I yelled for him to watch her running towards grill ….he turned and she got burnt on top of her hand…..they took him out of our home for 8 months and tried to get him for child abuse…I would love to talk to this family….my kids were devastated …..teacher started this whole thing….I am praying for you all

  4. I do not know this family but I do know about Livingston Co child protective services….back in 2011 my them 7 yr got burnt by my husband cigarette …..we were at a park and it was windy and our daughter has balance problems and was running to her daddy to show him something and he was minding the grill and I yelled for him to watch her running towards grill ….he turned and she got burnt on top of her hand…..they took him out of our home for 8 months and tried to get him for child abuse…I would love to talk to this family….my kids were devastated …..teacher started this whole thing by calling cps and then they don’t care ….
    Dr stated that it was accident due to if he burnt her on purpose all 3 layers of skin would be burnt……my husband went ahead and pled guilty to distributing to a minor because of our children…..our kids didn’t want to go to court anymore…..we had 8 court hearings and ppl kept talking to them over and over and our kids cried that they wanted it over….I am praying for you all

  5. I havent seen Josh and Brenda for a long time, but I was there when they met and got married, and spent alot of time with them working together in a ministry. You get to know people pretty well.. I will say this, there is NO WAY Josh abused his daughter, and this is completely unjust, the jury was wrong. period. I had no idea this had happened and If there is anything at all I can do, please let me know. Praying for you guys.. i just cant believe this happened. Josh should not have to spend a minute in jail, or a minute more away from his daughter.

  6. I know exactly what this family is going through. Our case was the first of its kind, almost 30 years ago. I will never forget any of it. The court system does not work in these cases. You have over zealous doctors, social workers & prosecutors. They don’t want to believe the correct medical diagnosis or to be proven wrong. I’ll tell you that hospitals, such as U of M have special councils where they meet to discuss the situation. They influence the ones that believe the families & in force them to go along with the others who don’t. A resident & a physician told us this. They threaten their careers. The system is unjust. They do not care about the family or even the child in fact. They just want to prove thery are right. For money, notoriety?? Who knows. We thought things would be changed by now due to our case, but it has gotten out of hand. Sure, there are real child abuse cases but when you have real medical evidence, have seen pyschiatrists(who testify that you were incapable of hurting a child) have your families, friends, priests, employers & doctors testifying on your behalf, this should not happen! I pray that everything turns out right for this family. Keep appealing. Don’t give up. Don’t let the system destroy your family. Also seek help from therapists ( not social workers) & psychologists who may be able to help. Please keep me posted. I pray for the best.

  7. My then husband & I went through this hell is St Louis, MO after his former in-laws decided they wanted his kids and the social security money they received from their deceased mother. It all started in 2001, we were both facing jail time but were acquitted in criminal court 2 years later. That had nothing to do with Juvenal court though and the kids were placed with the in-laws. The older boy is now 22 and in prison for meth possession and the daughter disappeared in Oct 2012, she turned 18 this past December. I left town in 2005 and we were divorced in 2007. It ruined us, lost jobs, businesses, homes everything. And the worst part is these people who are suppose to be so caring, don’t care and are not held responsible when they cross the line.

  8. God bless this young family. From my own experience, I know that CPS hates to have their “authority” challenged. I was told by my lawyer to just do what they say, no matter how unreasonable, because if you fight them they will make things much harder on you. I am glad that Brenda has taken her daughter where CPS can’t get her. She has been cleared and CPS should leave her alone. I hope that Josh gets NO jail time, but if he does, I hope it is short. I have a feeling CPS wants him to suffer because they know they are in the wrong but will never admit it!

  9. as a mom of 3 normal healthy children, I cannot count how many falls they have had! Fortunately none as bad as baby Burns, but terrifying every time! My 4 year old just ran full speed into a marble counter in a deli this Sunday and has a whopping black eye. All of my children have fallen off of something (a couch, a bed etc) as small babies and I even called the paediatrician to ask about concussion signs. I pray that the Burns are exonerated and this becomes a lesson learned for Child welfare agents.
    I read awful news stories daily of horrific abuse that went on during “monitoring by child welfare”, yet this family did all the right things to work with the system. Lots of prayers for you!

  10. I live in Wisconsin and my brother went through something very similar to what is being described. The circumstances were different, but I know for sure that my brother was a fantastic and engaged Dad. CPS tore him away from his daughter and called him abusive. He may have not been the greatest at bringing in full time work to support his family at the time, but the rest of the accusations were obscene. To this day, it breaks my heart to know that his little girl is missing precious time with her loving Dad. This is the nightmare he has had to live and continues to live out of fear of going to jail.

  11. This is chilling. I once had an accident with our first child. I was holding him with one arm, against my chest and with my free hand I was trying to add a little cool water to his bottle to cool off the contents. In a split second when I was concentrating on holding the nipple and bottle in one hand, he leapt forward to grab the bottle and since he was a little high on my forearm I was afraid I was going to lose my grip on him. As he started to fall all I could do was turn towards the counter and hope he fell on a safe surface and not the floor. Well I over compensated and he ended up rotating, falling backward on the gas stove. He needed three stitches on the scalp at the back of his head. If that happened today I would probably have had my life destroyed like Josh.
    This is terrifying. And it has no place in a free country like America. This is a very sick and sinister system of career bureaucrats playing games with peoples lives.

  12. CPS is very evil! CPS is corruption at the highest in trafficking children. They want children who have no abuse baggage to sell into adoption for the federal funding from Social Security Title IV. Until CPS enters a family’s life, people just cannot imagine what families go through. My granddaughter is gone 10 years now.

  13. WHY A SENTENCING?! Didn’t the child clearly have a medical condition?! I am sick and tired of my tax dollars at work! I have a Master’s Degree and I do NOT understand this! Our family has also been fighting DHS / CPS over 2.5 years! They have not proven a thing. They delay paperwork, lie, ETC. We have a very long story!

    Everyone should come out of the woodwork! I say we need to expose this corruptness and tell our stories!

    Ps The foster mother in our case, “works” for DHS. Did anyone ever hear of conflict of interest?

  14. Just heart wrenching to read this. Makes one feel so helpless against this giant organization. But these people will one day stand before the One true judge and give an account of this injustice against one of His own. May God grant peace and grace during this difficult time. I am praying Josh will not spend one day in prison and that this nightmare will soon end. We serve an awesome and mighty God. Nothing is beyond HIS power!

  15. If Josh’s case is like almost every other case I have investigated in Michigan, the case against him happened without the court first obtaining lawful jurisdiction over him. If this is what happened in his case, the entire case can and should be dismissed. Judges, prosecutors, public defenders and even paid defenders are willingly participating in this fraud.

    Notice deficiencies are terminal to proceedings. If the prosecution against Josh happened without the court first obtaining jurisdiction, everything they have done is completely VOID of any meaning or effect. This isn’t information that you will get from lawyers and attorneys today because that would give them nothing to get paid for.

  16. I do not know the Burns family but I can feel the pain. It is really terrible but I still have faith in the judiciary system. I pray the Almighty will grant the Burns family peace during this difficult time and I would like to thank this platform as well for raising awareness. I wish Josh or the Burns family can read these comments and they that will give them courage and will lift up their spirits. May God bless the family!

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